A dynamic team scrupulously follows all the design phases, from the feasibility study to the tools building. In these phases our technologies and our staff creativity meet the experience in order to guarantee the right support to the production department.

Each phase is planned, checked and fulfilled through the integration with specific and dedicated software. The tooling department allows each machining operation with extreme speed and flexibility.

Completely renewed in 2011 it can count on Hwacheon automatic lathes for the realization of extrusion molds in addition to Italian lathes that complete the range. The quick answer to the customer's requests and the tools building efficiency are the characteristics that represent our strength in the modern markets.


I.L.S.A.M. uses construction steels, hardening steels, alloy steels and carbon steels in its production process.

The raw materials are purchased from leader steel producers in order to satisfy the specific requests of each customer.

The steel warehousing is planned according to the customer orders and the round and squared bars sizes are available from 30mm to 120mm.


The steel cutting process is carried out through the cold shearing.
The company avails of two shearing stations, FICEP Caddy80 and FICEP Caddy100.

The forging process is carried out by traditional rod presses equipped with mismatch correction mold cases and by automatic transfer and anthropomorphic robots assisted presses.

For years the company pays a particular attention to the field's innovations and new technologies with the purpose to improve the efficiency and the competitiveness.


I.L.S.A.M. avails of the modernist technologies to assure the products feasibility according to the customer's requests.

Advanced simulators are used during the feasibility study and quotation phases.


The majority of the investments in the last years have been focused on the automation and renovation of the production lines.

In particular, nowadays I.L.S.A.M. can count on two forging lines completely assisted by anthropomorphic robots.

The improved production efficiency linked with the lower risk for the workers continue to be the targets to be achieved for the future years.

Process control

The control of the production processes, the planning and the project management are run by specific software to assure the efficiency, the agreed deadlines and the quality of the supplied products.


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